Mixed Media by K Smith

this collage mixed media method is something i’ve been perfecting for over a year now.

it’s quilt work. with paper.

the crazy quilting style has a specific format. a focus point is 5 sided and the rest is built around it.

to finish a square, it is bound.

or framed. with paper.

the making of these is meditative. i really enjoy making them.

i’ve wanted to implement my photography into my collage work for some time.

I nailed this mixed media process with non-nude work pre-pandemic for a summer solo show i was preparing for. yup, an artist talk and a solo photography exhibit

that is now, very unfortunately, not happening.

the nude photographs that these are made with have been in my drawer for a long while. like years.

you know me best. there are stories within these photographs

just like the stitching is another form of narrative.

This nude piece was the first i made, in relationship to a full moon.

it reveals the reality of alone. separate corners/ spaces

and it reveals the desire, the deep desire for cherish.

this piece is different because it came from a prompt.

that prompt is where the narrative was found.


make sense??

I made these 4×6 collages next.

gotta love what the  back side looks like ( uh, the rainbow, not me.)























as my pattern seems to be.

i sometimes find i want to work larger.

i love the man and deer in this one. ( 8.5×11)

yes, the nude is upside down

these are the other 8.5 x 11’s, the last being the piece that is going to be in the virtual group show in Chicago opening june 5th






















only one collate. this one, a nipple in a black square is not a crazy quilt style like the others. it’s an 8×8


all are for sale of course!



MORE stitched

i worked on these over the weekend.

this is collage work with an element of nudity.

i added my stitching ( a current element i’ve added to my collage work )

the 5th one is what started it all, plus two magazines, one an italian vogue, the other an art magazine.  nude resources that i want to tear apart and collage with, and lately stitch are hard to source

below these larger image shares are thumbnails of all that i upcycled this way

This ORIGINAL Art is for sale. Very reasonably priced. The paper is super pithy and each piece is signed

$82 shipped. ( USA )

If there is an interest for prints, i’ll consider it

but truth be, i’d prefer to let go of the originals and call it a day

what my art sales goes to currently is an envelope that is saving for a new lap top

since the one i have now is my absolute everything, and almost a decade old

it will be crisis when it goes.

they are pricier now.

isn’t everything??

Hirsute Attitude

An article in a recent vogue published a hairy pit painting created in 1923 by Matisse, along with an article titled “fuzzy logic” touting the whatever attitude about hirsuteness and millennials.

A statistic shared that by “1964 98% of women age 15 – 44 were shaving their legs.”

that’s quite a stat!

I was certainly never encouraged to accept the hair on my body. I started bleaching my facial hair at the age of 9. Along the way I never met the standards of clean shaven nor the stance some took to be unshaven. I wasn’t a hippie, or a feminist or woo woo or boho or whatever some females used to express themselves by choosing not to shave. I was simply hairy and more so than most.

Over the years the internal battle to accept this about myself and the external courage it has taken has been challenging. The relief I feel as a human and a sense of freedom about the lovely spectacle known this year as my bearded face is more amazing then I have ever imagined.

I had fun tearing apart this image. Inserting a photo of mine, and stitching this collage together.

I don’t really care to posture myself around this topic as some bearded ladies do. Too many other things are more important to me. Like making art, following this severe diet and understanding hopefully soon why my chemistry is so raging.

  1. collage with stitching close up
  2. back side
  3. holiday pic.



Why I Collage

perhaps i have been a tad crabby about the lack of response to my collage work.

i am REALLY crabby these days.


perhaps it’s easy for me to be crabbier

when i perceive things not going exactly as hoped.

a virtual stomping of my feet.

I thought the support for my collage work would be more well received.

just saying.

i studied art

my art during my studying art years was meticulous, detailed and very patient. obsessed really.i drew portraits. in pencil.

i was a talented artist


it was unexpressed.

hard to explain.

i did not stand on my own two feet about my own ideas as an artist.

i hated to conform

my resistance to instruction in school was looked at as being defiant

not at being


( i just made myself laugh )

i was a brat.

who am I kidding.


once i became a wife and mother art was put aside.

a shame really.

i started to collage in the late 90’s

in 2013 i collaged more than once a week, and the collection of work from that year meant a lot to me.

it made me feel like an artist.

both digital photography and collage fulfill my profound need for immediate gratification. both expressed how impatient i had become and both are highly sustainable mediums for a prolific creative who never has the funds to support her need to create.

i remember in art school absolutely cringing when i had to buy large sheets of strathmore or high quality pencils. I would try and get away with working smaller with the mindset of using less materials because I feared of running out of funds to supply myself as a student. i was 20 at this time. completely on my own. working full time and an art student. living in a big city. no help or encouragement from my parents. i was in way over my head.

when mr cowboy ended things i started journaling in collage.

while all along my collage offered a subconscious reveal

my journal work became a collage narrative of this big shift in my life.

a lost home, being dumped, moving far from all i’ve ever known etc, empty nesting and more.

in 2017 – i took on collaging daily.

the work has been remarkable.

i have an entire collage essay that expresses an experience of being bullied.

again, it’s super fascinating

somewhere in this past year i thought why am I not collaging with nudity?

if you get on instagram and search collage you will immediately see that collage is a very thriving and happening medium.

there is room for all sorts of interpretation of collage

for me collage means to assemble.

i start with a sorting or a “tearing”

in that tearing i let images pick me

or i collage based on an certain aesthetic or color pallette

sometimes that occurs at random

at what is in a pile of torn pages or what speaks to me at the time.

one can cut imagery

or tear.

cutting can be very exacting or controlling

to rip things

offers an expression of freedom

and another layer of line

a detail.

i believe my collage work

much like my photography

has it’s own signature.

collaging with nudity

is a whole additional layer

the album over at flickr hosts all i’ve made so far.

i numbered them wrong, so just ignore that part. of the pieces i’ve made

a few stand out.  i really really love this is one

and making these?

i find makes me horny.since i don’t feel that way often these days

what a nice surprise!!


my collages are 9×12. not 8.5 x 11 as i mention in the album

again. me. and #’s. ugh.

i could use old art magazines or erotica that i can tear apart.

to make more

not kidding.

got any?

please send them to me

the works are also for sale.

very one of a kind.

with my first sale of one of these

i can purchase proper packaging. sleeves and hard board

and the proper art paper to mount them on.

still trying to decide. white or black.

even though the black makes it pop.

i am concern if one adds a matt to frame it. or even a black frame that the blacks might not be the same and look funny. where white as a mounting color is classic, and a black matt/frame can still make it pop.

my gut leans towards white.

the piece below – once mounted. may be torn even more.

we’ll see




#05 KSmith Series

when assembling this album over at FLICKR I wrote that the reveal of my collage work is sometime more insightful than my nudes.

Should you care to give:

art magazine subscriptions/especially those with nudity

things you have lying around the house that i can tear apart: art magazines, nude photography magazines, erotic art etc – italian vogue for example are really fun, high end and often very avante-garde

PM me. and I will tell you were to send them.

below my birthday collage

for sale.8.5 x 11

$120 plus shipping. flat

one of a kind, never duplicated.

and so i can pay rent.

myself as a still life. yellow butterflies = death of a loved one to many a friend of mine, they – the butterflies are a symbol of life after death, i suppose a nude as a still life might be objectifying, but i think it’s like putting aging in a collection of what might be pleasing – taking a second look or just looking at what isn’t exactly the thing you want to see but you find beauty in it anyway – i do that in my home – visual celebrations i like to call them, they please my day to day. as i do with my self portrait photography.

i like the tension in this piece. its real.



Torso Collage

another art medium i enjoy working in is collage.

i did a self portrait that included my face that many said looked collage like.

these are shot in the reflection of an older refurbished kitchen cabinet

the contents are mostly cookbooks and other, what’s that phrase, bric -a-brac

it’s what is inside the cabinet that contributes to this looking collage like.

the sun hits it early morning only

usually when getting a glimpse here i haven’t had my tea yet …

aka sooooo not awake

I added the image of this tree for fun

taken at the same time

stark and wintery