Copyright Notice:

All photographs on this website are copyrighted. This means I own them. I photographed them. The images are mine.  Ideally you need my permission to virtually share or post them elsewhere. In the world of reciprocity many have offered a love donation for my time and effort for my willingness to source, send and or watermark original files. This is my preferred process.

In the world of copy/paste …image thievery is common. I can’t possibly police all that do this.   My request is ask me before you take.

I don’t mind sharing as long as the photographer and the website/source is listed.

Just use common sense:

do not

a) claim the photographs are yours or

b) use them for commercial purposes in any way shape or form.

If you are going to virtually reproduce, copy, publish or transmit my photos,  kindly credit the photographer and link where you got the image from.

example:  © image by K Smith used with permission.  blog name/hyperlinked.


Much appreciated.

If you are interested in a fine art print – please refer to my fine art prints available page

some of the above text stolen from the site of NYC street photographer, Rufus Mangrove

( I like the way he phrased it!)

8 thoughts on “Copyrights.

  1. Hello there,

    I would firstly like to say how much I adore your work, my name is Amina and I’m a young artist and I would love to use one of your work.

    Check out my work on instagram @artvsdesign

    • Hello Amina, thank you for your compliments and very much for your inquiry. I checked out your instagram and only saw 3 posts. do you have additional portfolio’s that I can see?? What piece of mine intrigued you??

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