About Anonymously Nude

fifty something, silver threaded, and curvy.

formerly a woman of size.

lost quite a bit of weight.

my self image is not confident.

i am a creative


closet in that

i am not an out there famous creative

I am just creating in my own way

photography, collage, drawing, the written word.

these are just a few of my expressions

i adore the nude

nudity as art

the utter nakedness of it

always have

up until now i have been too self conscious to express that affection

i love being absolutely naked

as long as the covers are on

the lights are out

or when passion has nudity become a remarkable blur

this anonymously nude space

is my first leap past

being too self conscious

to be naked

below one of my first self portrait images.

its as if i really didn’t want to see.

it is absolutely ok to reach me off blog

anonymouslynude at gmail.com

72 thoughts on “About Anonymously Nude

  1. i would speculate that you probably appreciate w/o my teaching you a single thing kind friend

    sharing and exposing in a way that is so ” as is” does teach me and remind me

    nice to have a little encouragement along the way

  2. Love your web site and the flickr account.
    Sexy suggestive and mysterious
    You are such a turn on
    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos
    If you don’t mind me asking – would love to see more of your curvy ass
    Thanks for sharing – the Smurf

    • which did you find first the site or the flickr account? hmmm sexy, suggestive and mysterious – i appreciate you saying that! I am actually just beginning to experiment with shots taken from behind.

  3. i think this is a fab idea!

    im in my twenties and have always struggled with my body image. Im saving up the cash and courage to do a whole nude photo sitting for my 30th birthday in 3 years. i love the idea of being nude, the female form is beautiful and i find it even more beautiful when there is no false enhancement eg no plastic surgery because that is just who that person is at the time. Vulnerable, real and unique. good on you!

  4. I lost about 30 pounds (weight watchers) after developing atrial fibrillation, and have kept 25 off for 4 years. Still have a bit of a pot belly but nothing like before. My wife says it is like sleeping with another man!

    Losing weight can be healthy, but I like women with curves more than skinny ones.

  5. Congrats on taking charge of your own body image. You have made some great photos here. It will take me some time to catch up from the beginning.

  6. Just visited your blog yesterday morning and find that your images continue to remain with me. There is such an incredible use of form and light, curve and shadow, whether intended or not, it all seems to work. You have a great honesty about your body, an innocence, but also an experienced erotic insight. A great body of work – and only a slight pun intended!

    Luscious photography, beautiful poetry. I have a feeling there is fine art in your background…

    – J.

  7. I stumbled on your flickr page and hence this page, and I absolutely love it. I like you love to remain anonymous and I love nudity, the human form, art, and photography. I also love women that share the same views particularly middle aged women (wink)…

      • Why yes indeed and I may very well reach out to you with suggestions and maybe some image sharing from my perspective too. I enjoy the whole feel here, yes your images, but the creative play on art, imagery, poetry and the layout… is very intriguing and stimulating… I am hooked… you have a real talent and I wonder if there is more who share this niche… I for one do appreciate it.

  8. I am very grateful to have found you thru flickr! I really enjoy seeing you! and I am now checking in regularly to see the latest….hope you keep it up!

  9. You are a lady with high degree of creativity & the ability to keep the viewer glued to your wonderful pictures & the descriptions there on are simply amazing !!!!
    Hopefully you will climb more heights in the years to come ….

    It was a pleasure going through your blog here .. Thanks

  10. What a wonderful site that shows what the human body is all about with clothes or without them.
    I have been anudist for many years and before that I was a art model for classes mainly nude art .
    Thank you Jon

  11. Have come to appreciate your photos and must say outstanding work with light and shadows. Hope you shall continue when time permits

  12. I throughly applaud your courage, your candor and your willingness to share not only your beautiful mindset, but your very engaging body as well. I am a 59 year old male who has had body issues in the past, but am well of my way to being comfortable with mt size (and, in a certain sense, “lack-thereof”), but your site is very encouraging.

    Something to consider: having a section on your blog where friends or viewers could post similar self-photos (edited or approved of course, by you). Sort of a community, a sharing.

    I hope we can stay in touch. And thank you again for your generous and thoughtful gifts. You are a beautiful person, in all respects.

  13. I love your photos….you are a very attractive woman….I have a friend that is a professional artist and he would so love your photos….he love painting women as naturally beautiful as you. I would love to hear from you…..have a wonderful day.

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  15. Thank you for for sharing your natural and true beauty, oh why cant more people see the wonder of body hair and how it compliments the natural curves and wonder of the. Deeply sensual and magnificant female form

  16. Hi there beautiful anonymous woman. I was led here from another site, and I am so pleased to have discovered you, your pictures, your writings… they are truly wonderful. I think there is such a truth, such an honesty in what you are presenting, and it’s moving on many levels. I hope you don’t mind, but I know I will be a frequent visitor… thank you. X

  17. I follow about a year now on your side “anonymously”, very interesting!, And beautiful.
    I was so free, some of your photos use for a “virtualplay”
    How can I show them to you? some web-side ?
    Excuse me, for my shabby englisch. i’am flemisch
    hope to hear something from you,
    kind regards

  18. You are a great example of woman’s inner beauty. Your photos, poetry, everything just blends perfect. I am visiting your site daily. Just a humble request – if you can post more photos of your pubic region. Thanks

    • Vivek, thanks for your compliments and for taking the time to write. I actually don’t take requests. I humbly ask that you be OK with what I do decide to share. I can assure you the pubic region is expressed often.

  19. Hello Beautiful lady, I never known someone as gorgeous as you with such a mystique around her. I thank you for posting your beautiful photos and I hope you never grow bored. Thank you, PJ

  20. I’m still really loving this blog.
    I’ve got a few questions though. Would you be willing to hear them?

  21. Came across your page and I like your natural selfportrait photography. The best part I believe is how natural you are, love all the hair!

  22. This is a complete escape from reality. I envy your courage – you are gorgeous in many ways. Thank you for sharing your beauty and your soul.

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