Last Shots

i took a few goodbye images so to speak in the green chair.

they are not my best. in that chair.

but, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s hard to capture much in this apartment without also capturing things in the back round.

As you recall i am rather mindful of that.

  1. gotta love my left ankle. those my dears are scratches and bites from my cat. and this poor poor chair. can you see how yesterdays news it is??
  2. my beard is now a year old, from the time I won that award. the one where the entire room unanimously voted it “people’s choice”. ahem. it’s exactly the same length. AND, i had  an inch trimmed off of it twice. lordy, the thing actually grows. I told you it was pervasive.
  3. this shot is probably the closest to classic green chair as it gets. considering the season. getting light on a subject matter is pretty tricky.

2 thoughts on “Last Shots

  1. 1. I’m glad to hear that the cat is still with you though its behavior is unfortunate.

    2. Cognitive dissonance. Your reality, stated in a single honest and courageous image, and you carry it well here.

    3. “Classic Green Chair.” The title for a collected showing of works featuring said prop?

    I miss the Green Chair already.

    • awwww, i miss that damn chair already too. i will have to think about that …the collection of said “classic green chair ” works. that’s a decade of imagery. re: the cat. i honestly feel i just don’t know how to speak cat. it’s just being an animal. but it’s at the expense of my flesh. sigh. thanks for the comments.

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