Uneventful Yet Lovely

my birthday was rather uneventful. mostly self realized. yet lovely.  the right people made the right gestures. as did some folks I never hear from. which I think is rather nice.

i asked for things i wouldn’t normally buy for myself, and got a few of them. enough to feel an indulgence. all in all. it was a very nice day. i got myself a piece of mocha chocolate cake that had me moaning – that’s the purpose of a good piece of cake. yes? . i was gifted a volume of onions and garlic that had me decide to make myself a french onion soup. good bread, cheese and wine must accompany. I got a local cheese and bread. I wish i could do that more often. Buy from food artisans. Alas. Not on my budget.

I invited a few to share in this bday meal with me, but after the third no. I gave up. Not because folks have other plans on a week night. More so. I didn’t feel like the kerplunk of another no was very celebratory.

a few birthday wishes from here found me. thank you for that.

there was the good company of my cat.

some of you don’t really give a shit about my cat.

but that’s your problem.

she’s been a source of a lot of laughter for me

and more cuddles than i’ve known from a human in some time.

she smells good and vibrates.

i am tired.

sometimes that tired

takes me to numb.


6 thoughts on “Uneventful Yet Lovely

  1. happy birthday AN, i would like to buy art from artisans but i have the same budget issues
    Glad you enjoyed your day, i wish i could get you a present

  2. I missed your birthday, so maybe I’m the flickr friend who disappointed you. My apologies.Happy Birthday AN. 29 right?
    Just for the record I like your cat. Know what you mean about making you laugh and feel good, my dog does that or me.
    Love the deep blue sky and the budding leaves on the tree. Spring is a wonderful time
    The two serving pedestals, how many times have you moved them and not used them? But they do make a nice picture.
    Back, hair and bum…stop it you know I love that view of you.

    • yes. 29. always 29. thank you for the well wishes. thanks re: my cat. even though she’s as nervous as I, she’s more company to me than anything else in the last 5 years. the tree was fall capture. in the now. my birthday is a fall birthday. those are not my cake pedestals. they are part of a shop where i bought a piece of cake. my birthday was about eating cake! I had to buy my own.

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