A Year Older And Wiser

i am a year older today.

someone complimented something that i wrote earlier today. i wrote about how it was 4 years ago that i moved. my 3200 mile solo quest elsewhere. i remember how i just went for this idea. trusting somehow that i would make it.

this person said ….

“you have such a hold on who you are ….you must know yourself well.”

perhaps 59 is more of a gift than I know.

took myself and a photography friend on an autumn country road trek yesterday

and i got myself a very unusual and very pretty oval blue and white platter.

i asked for things linen.

sheets have holes in them

towels are frayed.

not sure any of that will happen

it’s going to be a tough week.

i did not meet my work quota. gulp.

while i am allowed a grace month

its the only one for this year

i still take a kick in the teeth income wise

i have a lot of ick on my schedule.

including a medical procedure.

weather looks awful.

it’s going to be a long month ahead.

maybe i’ll get myself a piece of cake.

took this the other day

i love it.

laundry did not get done

and i didn’t make the bed either

hate the way a bed looks when it’s occupied solo.

its so. one sided.

but look. that’s me, my hair is flying and the shadows are cool

and i am NUDE



2 thoughts on “A Year Older And Wiser

  1. The bed does look kind of sad and lonely when its solo doesnt it?

    The shadow shot looks like a spiral staircase, I know its not but that’s what comes to mind without thinking about it. And isnt that what your supposed to do with ink blotches when the doctors holds them up? Ok totally not relevant or even on subject but it was my first reaction when I saw the picture so I’m sharing.
    “that’s me, my hair is flying and the shadows are cool” what are you trying to be me now? I’m the one who says cool. But you can borrow it.

    “and i am NUDE” yes you are and you make a lovely nude model and artist. How many artist do you know what work in the nude anyway?
    Have i mentioned you have a nice bum? You gave me a grin 20 minutes ago so its worth saying again. Go ahed and smile you know you have a nice bum too.

    • glad that i can borrow your “cool” from time to time. my relationship to my bum and it’s beauty is …not. what makes me smile is the humor you share in the way you comment. thank you.

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