A Little Whiney

feeling a little whiney.

it’s empty fridge club

my bralette doesn’t fit quite right

car issues are fixed but more is needed.

if i sell 6 pieces of art that should do it.

nude photography

or panty sales could help too.

however minor that “ding ding ding ding” was….its persistence was enough to push me over the edge.

did i tell you Kimberly has 260K miles??

i thought betty blue was old at 100K. She and I got there together,

my face beard throws it’s own shadow. ha!

i put my nightgown on backwards and didn’t notice until i took a picture of my braid

sometimes things are a blur

sometimes the clouds are wispy

i love how she looks at me.

its been a long while that a person looked at me

looked at me in a way that sortof matters.

what about more than sortof?

perhaps that’s a better thought.

i need a hair cut.

long summer holiday weekends

with the holiday on a thursday

makes for one confusing summer week.

i did not eek to my june month end

i have three openings this weekend. THREE

i was juried into an art show that has a cash prize

perhaps i will win.

I got the ok to submit to another show and they waived the fee

i dream of being an artist full time and having it provide for me.

i am not sure how that will happen truthfully

but i’ve made declarations before

and they find their way.

plus the ideas are pouring out of me

lastly – i was reminded that it was two years ago that i finally got away from that country studio

holy crap those days were intense

2 thoughts on “A Little Whiney

  1. So that’s what a bralatte is.
    Nice orchid.
    Turning grey and cleavage, nice combo if you ask me.
    French braid(?) Koi that used to be a key. (ha just read its backwards.)
    Intentional blur
    I’m putting my paw down, pet me damnit!

    “plus the ideas are pouring out of me” is that in a good way or bad?
    Your still doing nude photography and panty sales? I really do need to stay up on things.

    • google bralette. all the rage. they never fit us bigger gals right. yes. french braid. your narration amuses me so GD. photography. no nibbles on panty sales in some time. there was a flurry of interest and then not. most of 2019 is sharing in real time nudes unless otherwise noted. and yes you really need to stay current. The orchid is at the mechanic. and, it brings “pretty” to the equation give me all of your money. next repair needed. front brakes. she…my Kia aka Kimberly hits 260,000 miles soon. I’ve only put on maybe 4500 of those. when creative ideas pour. that is good dear.

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