MORE stitched

i worked on these over the weekend.

this is collage work with an element of nudity.

i added my stitching ( a current element i’ve added to my collage work )

the 5th one is what started it all, plus two magazines, one an italian vogue, the other an art magazine.  nude resources that i want to tear apart and collage with, and lately stitch are hard to source

below these larger image shares are thumbnails of all that i upcycled this way

This ORIGINAL Art is for sale. Very reasonably priced. The paper is super pithy and each piece is signed

$82 shipped. ( USA )

If there is an interest for prints, i’ll consider it

but truth be, i’d prefer to let go of the originals and call it a day

what my art sales goes to currently is an envelope that is saving for a new lap top

since the one i have now is my absolute everything, and almost a decade old

it will be crisis when it goes.

they are pricier now.

isn’t everything??

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