a good friend of mine wrote these words:

The thaw came ⁣like a whisper. It beckoned ⁣
her to rise, ⁣
coaxed her into becoming⁣
again. She⁣
readied herself to expand.⁣
She prepared ⁣
her heart to take up space. All⁣
she had to do was accept ⁣
her birthright⁣
to unfurl.

2 thoughts on “words

  1. Your friend s a good writer. That’s very introspective.
    Now I have to wonder about todays theme. While it may have something to do with the writing theres more or at least a different theme as well. Stripes and your butt… Have to give this one some thought.
    BTW the first one is my favorite. You kind of blend into the wall color wise and the stripes really are the only defining difference. “coaxed her into becoming⁣ again” maybe it is all about the writing.

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