Lost Art

I have been reading her blog for over 12 years

she, as have many, are letting go of the platform.

when i read her update this morning I thought to myself. wow. I am really going to miss her posts. i felt a loss.

I had noticed the shift. she wasn’t posting as often. the writing was stilted somehow.

it wasn’t the same as when she first started writing.

i know how that feels.

blogging is a lost art form. i feel it’s an artful expression to blog. thus why i am calling it art

we digest things in smaller and smaller bites these days.

i remember learning about twitter at a social media conference.

how could so few characters deliver such a concise message.

i am not enjoying the fleeting pulse these days.

i was in a mastermind group on how to blog in 2005.

My mentor at the time used my organic writing and practice postings to make money. Pay per click strategies. He disappeared, left his wife even, apparently with a lot of money. I should have probably gotten some of that.

I wanted to blog as a point to strategy. i wanted to include lots of authentic content. lots of hyperlinks. not everyone was on the same page.

I did that for over 5 years. and in many ways the strategy worked

until it didn’t. and then it was a disaster of sorts

That blog has been broken now since 2012

Here at anonymously nude

i took on an alter ego.

she got a lot more traffic in the old days.

i gave it more of my time.

i’d like to imagine that if i stopped that i’d be missed

where else would you find little narrative image vignettes like these?

this morning i started working on a sorting process for an annual photography thing i participate in.

i had a much more reclusive year than i even realized.

i knew it was a tough year.

here it is the end of march and perhaps

i am too confident about what i got to the other side of

not sure that makes sense or not.



4 thoughts on “Lost Art

  1. Just realized where you are now is pine tree heaven. Not as good light as you once had but looking out tress is not the worst way to go. I’m sure the cat enjoys watching the birds in it too and posing for the shot your taking. Your back is always a nice sexy treat.
    Love the hair shot, its great texture.

    • thank you. my light/light now catches me later in the day. a west exposure. although the light is present all day. not sure when the best light is. actually. in my former house i had those three exposures. from that bay window. everything but the north. was right there in my green chair. i had the sheers hung to filter things a bit. i don’t want sheers here because 1. i love the framing of the glass, the shape. it defines the view of the trees. 2. i bet the cat would climb and shred the sheers. ha!!

      • The cat would have fun with the sheers for sure.
        I do miss that bay window and the green chair. Oops its the $15 green chair to be exact.

      • i have sheers hanging to cover 2 closets. she leaves those alone but the one by the bathroom door i have to deter her. cats. i took that house for granted. the space freedom i had. and what loveliness it offered. that window saved me. meaning it taught me how much i loved light. it gave me a tutorial of sorts. i still have the green chair. it’s not my go to, it’s uncomfortable. and it’s crowded in here. i covered it so to speak because the original green fabric was a scratch attraction. i don’t really like the look of a throw over a chair thing. but that’s just me. i believe it was an $11 chair. ( grin )

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