March On

it use to be that march about did me in

mood wise and all.

come march i was done

done with bleak.

done with inside.

done with potatoes.

although at the moment i’d love to eat about 5 lbs of them

i ached for…

anything that wasn’t


i started this post by pulling the three last images

they are from a year ago.

where was in my head and in my heart?

all i could see in these shots was that i was very raw and very real.

and then i thought

how were other marches gone by?

interesting to look

these are out of order but here we go

2017 this was the day after maniacal neighbor moved. holy crap

2019 i wear some of my grandmothers bracelets now. she wore them up her arm. where does one get these? good ones. i would like to have one for each of my years. i have no idea where to get one.

2014. i was getting laid. that thing called sex.

2016  the landlord was still working on country studio. i had no privacy

2015. i was losing my home. this was my exhusbands childhood desk.

the last three 2018. i had cleaned the mirror. i was so damn skiddish this time a year ago. i could barely breathe.

do you feel spring with every part of you??

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