Project Self Love

not sure if this is an actual project simply because this blog is 10 + years worth of self love. but i thought i’d do a morning moment for the month of february. for the love of it. just to see what that looks like.

day 9, begins the work with the canonS90. utilizing a feature i missed very much. a timer that one can set how many shots and how many seconds. i am a 3 or a 4 shot gal. 10 seconds. SOOOOOO happy to have that back.

if there is the potential of an actual valentine IN my actual life i am not feeling it. not that i don’t appreciate YOU. I do. You are just not here.

digging out the token pink or red panty just wasn’t going to do it for me this year. sorry.


this valentines day you get me, mornings and my fluffy robe.

can’t get these in the right order. ugh.

see the kitty ears???

if you have a favorite

let me know.



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