Things That Stay The Same

catching my breath here.

it’s the last day of january, the first month of a new year. it has gone by in a blink. poof.

i have said in the past that sometimes i don’t shoot out of the new year cannon all shiny and brand new. perhaps i don’t shoot out of the cannon at all

crazy full, nutsoid past 30 days

i have been thinking about how i have this narrative photo essay of my life going back to at least 2007, or at least that’s when i started looking at it differently. I have photographs going back into the 80’s of kids and all but that’s different. this is more about the self. the me in the equation. or the who is the me.

i thought it might be interesting to look at how things stay the same.

but diving into the never land of my image files just felt too daunting. 

that happens a lot lately

i just don’t roll with it all very well. 

so i decided to just look at two january’s

last january i did a lot more masturbating.

this 2019 thing. geesh i lost huge chunks of time to worry, a panic attack or things new. like a cat, a sewing machine and new people and things in my life. not much time spent in self touch. 

oddly these images don’t quite share the thought pattern i had in my mind

are things the same?? 

4 thoughts on “Things That Stay The Same

  1. The words are happier; the pictures seem so – but I’ve read the words. Certainly the news is good! And you should check email when you get a moment.

    Happy New Year!

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