And Then There Was A Cat

she came home last thursday.

That’s right.

And then there was a cat ….

I sortof lost these last days with it all.

if you recall the kitty fund was ripe and ready this past fall.

for every art dollar i sold …1/2 went to the kitty fund.

friends gifted. it was a thing

and then, that stupid huge black cloud arrived and rained on my get a kitty parade

and everything else.

i lost about 8 weeks to that stupid black cloud.

i started the kitty fund again.

last week a friend shared that a cat needed a home.

the cat was at the humane society

i went.

the cat was gone.

i thought

there was a reason i was brought here today.

in the meeting room she sat at my feet.



I just went with it.

she’s a petite calico/tabby mix.

sweet as all get.

purr monster.

i am using pine pellets instead of kitty litter.

game changer.

in stainless steel

instead of plastic

more game changer.

and the kitty fund has me ahead of the

how am i going to feed her curve.

although this fund is not as flush as the last fund was.

as an emotional support animal

i think she will fit the role perfectly.

i think she’s so so very pretty

and what a vibe she brings to my empty city studio.


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