Scraping Them Up Off The Floor

tell me

tell me please

that these tit shots aren’t just as amusing as ever.

look at them??

they look…”cellular”

like cells dividing to become a being

is that even the right word??

do you get what i mean?

( thanks for the traffic here this week by the way. it’s nice that you are here. ) 

perhaps you recall the story

when these lovely breasts of mine

started to decline.

first though, i have to say it is a profound memory to me

when they arrived. when puberty struck

when the buds on my chest blossomed.

a seriously wow of a thing.

did that same thing happen with my sex parts? i was so oblivious

my breasts however

well they were expressed.

and when they were ripe.

they were pretty darn perfect.

noone prepares you for what happens to them when you age.

at least in my world no one did

i awoke one day and lefty over there had deflated and her nipple was pointing south.

like overnight it was a different boob.

now they are like these foreign


mountains of

fleshy parts

with nipples that go in all directions.

when you lay back

they just fall flat. deflate.

they are not really even mountains.

the last bra i bought i had myself fitted

can’t wear that bra anymore.

noone tells you that detail either

that bras become cruel and unusual punishment.

when i was fitted – i knew things were different

i went from a 38 C to a 40 DD

( she said, bend down honey and scoop all that flesh into the underwire.) 

truth be i don’t know if i am a real DD,

gosh that size sortof horrified me. what ever is there – it is definitely more.

i guess as time goes on i’ll be scraping them up off the floor.


If anyone ever gets to know them again. I hope my breasts are appreciative

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