Sharing My Me

because i am the way that i am

which i will at this juncture just define as quirky.

i am feeling a need for review.

my annual blog fee is due very soon for the storage i pay extra for so that all my images can stay here for your good company and my good narration and sharing.

i am ok with that.

what if i wasn’t?

i use to sit with this platform each monday

and author my postings for the week.

if i remember correctly, and i suppose i could look.

i posted at least 3 times a week in the beginning.

i sourced my self portraiture from a “looking at me” for the first time perspective

I shared my found me.

who was that me?

knowing how social media works

i then began posting on Flickr.

i had a community here.

and found community there too.

all seemed to intertwine back then.

i met virtually many who had an interest in me.

now as a matter of process, and a sense of order,  because order is important to me.

i post here with images that are a year gone by

where over at flickr it’s images posted from 2016

Between the two platforms there are over 3500 postings.


is that a lot?

to me, it seems like

a LOT.

To review current postings in reality, are yesterdays imagery with todays commentary

unless i am commenting in memoriam.

it’s just the way i’ve done things.

to have a process.

to make sense of it all.

Recent years have been rather intense for me

i am reminded.

hey i got through this

i survived.

it ignites the tenacity in me.

but i tell ya

i feel so very very so tired of being the resilient one sometimes

i don’t really know what i am doing anymore.

someone recently shared that what i said is of influence, another thanked me for my words, and my pubic hair ( ha!! ) others are encouraging, others think i should spread my legs …

why am i here

and why is it so lonely still?

( i love these panties. i think these are from mr detroit. which means they are from early an years — i can’t quite figure out how i got my hands to do that….i just don’t torque that way ….what the heck. i have to say that a year ago, when this pic was taken, was one hell of a time. )







4 thoughts on “Sharing My Me

  1. Are you sure they are your hands? It doesn’t seem like hands can tongue that way. Maybe they are magic panties, you put them on and immediately go to an alternate universe where Mr Right is witting to sweep you off your feet and remove your magic panties. Then again Maybe it’s just good photography, a sexy lady and a fine bottom in some hot sheer panties.

    • well since there is noone else in my life, and i am not a photoshop expert they are indeed my hands. thank you for thinking that good photography, a sexy lady and a fine bottom in panties is a good thing. the idea of a magic panties and mr right in an alternate universe sounds nice too – are you sure you aren’t a writer?? science fiction perhaps??

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