Figure It Out

some bad behavior lately here. not good. there is behavior from you that is attractive, there is behavior that is not. there is behavior that is out and out repulsive. those who repulse do so with noone but themselves in their mind. their automatic “i’m sorry” is not authentic. they beg. they apologize when they know they have misbehaved. they KNOW. and they think that their automatic i didn’t mean it will get them far.  no thank you – please do not expect me to “put out” or to be something i am not, or to make a little video for you or or or or

when i am understood. treated respectfully. accepted for who i am

images like this are what transpire. they are playful, arty, nude and offer something. a gift of myself in the moment. these were taken with a fan in mind who was kind to me.

be sure you understand ladies and gentlemen. figure out why i am here.

2 thoughts on “Figure It Out

  1. Very good pics – you are really creative. Sexy and erotic. Love how you leave the naughty bits hidden. Very good stuff here. Thoughts of my sitting in that chair while watching you on top of me. Love how you leave that to the viewer’s imagination. Nice job.

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