Lost His Wife

sometimes i wonder if this person still ever visits here – i met him originally on flickr and he’s long gone from there now – he was a photographer in the tx area and he did some really impressive male nudes. artful. great post production. he was personally frustrated and expressed that in his work. studio photographer. he introduced me to the word hirsute and shared with me how he had lost his wife to menopause. lost her completely. she and all she loved about her completely disappeared. lost his wife.

i will be truthful and share i really get how the chemistry of this natural life shift for women can feel like one is losing perspective on things. it’s really emotionally unravelling sometimes. noone should have to be in the middle of this alone. noone. granted my circumstances are a roller coaster ride anyway. and recent unravellings are no less emotional. train wreck emotional actually. i feel like i could declare it. train wreck.

tried to find the birthday love. wasn’t particularly easy.

my actual day was quiet, uneventful and really restful. nice. and the phone rang a lot. which is more nice.

someone posted on FB – relax – your butt doesn’t look that big.

i thought that was funny

here i is, another year older.

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