A Bit Of A Spiral

last august i had a bit of a spiral.

had gotten the news of my eyes.

my car had gotten hit

there were other car issues.

the landlord at the time was doing some buildout or something

my personal space wasn’t quiet.

there was lurking.

i was in between projects

felt like i was floundering emotionally

i took on a personal art project

and disappeared.

the creative immersion help distract me.

i spend quite a bit of time between my four walls.

mostly money related

glad to say this august isn’t like that

perhaps even this extra bit of space is all one needs.

i am really scared financially.


i’ve been here before.

perhaps the patreon will help.

so far.

i am not sure if anyone is there.

i mean is anyone looking at it

wondering about

what a patron only 

can see??

i mean once you start the thing

until it takes off

its a tad haunting

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