Panty Sales Update

a year ago, i sold this pair of panties.

i love the sheer of them.

and i remember this day.

wearing them.

and playing with myself while wearing them.

I thought perhaps i had a little cottage industry going.

which truth be even a year later would be very handy financially.

THINGS are NOT going well on the AN home front at all.

I have had many inquiry this past year for panty sales

and, i unfortunately have had false starts re: payment.

which ended up in no sales.

no little underground panty enterprise

so, there ya have it.

i will say the person who bought this pair?

was one very happy panty lover.

and for that.

i am glad.

so there you have it

a panty sales update.

i have since updated my sales pitch.

it’s my way, my terms, or nothing.

supposed funds are expected from one interested party.

but the funds have not arrived after some time now.

ugh. i hate that.

I still have plenty of panties.


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