Cozy Corner

thought i’d post something current for a change.

its thanksgiving.

i wish yours to be filled with longer hugs, and kindness.

today it is bleak, rainy and moody.

it is rather drafty in my cozy corner.

on the other side of the chair is the only space heater for the place.

before i forget.

YES. YES. YES. I am definitely accepting donations to fund a replacement car. I hope to have a budget of funds to work with by the end of december.

I have a PO Box where cash can be sent. just ask me for the address please.

THANK YOU SO much for the concerns you have written to me.

I am a tad over my head in this car not repairable circumstance.

back to my studio….

I had a light fixture overhead.

what came with the place so to speak,

but there seems to be a short in it.

so i am using this little lamp.

which isn’t quite right.

but for now.

it will do.

i have not expounded too much here about my landlord.

lets just say.

he’s a piece of work.

i have a notebook of things he’s done. or hasn’t done.

i am not an orphan today.

and i am bringing the cranberry relish.

that’s it.

made it the day before last.

let it macerate …

i don’t have to cook.

something about that is very wonderful.

i am THIS close to going back to bed.

  1. because i can.
  2. because i feel like being naked under the covers.
  3. because there is a rodent in the walls who likes to chew at night and i am not sleeping well.  not kidding. such is country living.img_7153 img_7155 img_7156


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