to add to the drama of things

this happened.


my landlord backed into my car with his camper.

my betty blue is indeed older,

yet she still has her good looks about her

while he.

said landlord.

said he would fix it,

there is the style in which one fixes things

that we have now become aware of.

meaning. he does things half ass and backwards.

he asked that i not involve insurance

he asked that i get an estimate

i did.

he then had the nerve to tell me my car is not worth the expense of the repair.

i hold my breath.

I say i expect my car to be returned to the condition it was in before he hit me

i hope my english makes sense to him.

7 thoughts on “This

  1. Time to involve insurance – I’m sure if things were reversed he would expect you to address the matter promptly. He is being cheap, irresponsible and careless and quite frankly going to take advantage of it.

    You could deduct the cost of damage and repair from your rent obligation but I’m sure he wants his money from you but won’t take care of doing the right thing by you – sneaky SOB. (Snarl)

  2. Your landlord is an asshole. The only reason he doesn’t want to involve insurance is most likely since he doesn’t have insurance himself. Then he goes and tries to bully you out of what he owes you. So he can either pay whatever the cost is, or you call the insurance company and/or the police if he refuses.

    If he tries to pull some stunt like evict you due to this, you’ll sue him and he’ll end up paying a shitload more than if he simply bit the bullet and fixed your car to begin with.

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