Outfit Deja Vu

get out of town.

i have this very same outfit on

like right now.

yes, this very minute

i am adorned exactly the same way as these shots!


that around the house


get up.

obviously nothing fancy.

no bra

no panties.

hair up in a clip.


this image series

was taken at the cave.

it was wicked hot that day.

not sure what i was making there…


i also have a sweatshirt on.

cuz …it’s not hot here.

just so you know.

we are celebrating.

today is the very day mr cowboy

ended things

one year ago,

as i described it then,

that was a day that

my life turned upside down.

a breakupversary!  ha!!!

we can call that word an AN – ism.

i am so over the break up. him.

so to speak.

just not over.

the lack of completion around it all.

no closure.


chalk it up i guess to those times in your life where someone is simply passing you by.

there is a sameness to my life sometimes

i will have to replicate this series here in my country studio.

keep that sameness thing going.

P1000576 P1000577 P1000578 P1000579

2 thoughts on “Outfit Deja Vu

  1. The cave had a surprisingly bright kitchen or maybe all that light is just your beauty shinning through. I think sameness keeps us sane. Hum, sameness, shameless and saneness, kind of all go together in some weird way.
    breakupversary has to go in the official AN – ism dictionary. I’m glad your over him.
    These shots remind me the NakedNews. The news casters strip as they give the news. You can do a twist on that and strip as you cook some creative delicious meal.

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