10 thoughts on “Well My Dears

  1. … I guess we will just have to create something new, something even better… I never sent a ‘naughty’ image, but if requested I will donate to the cause… still loving all you write, all you see…

    • why thank you …all that i write and all that i see. and indeed there is a lot of new to create. re: cause. i was trying to explain this last night. what men deem to send. image wise. naughty and all. is often not my thing. sent w/o permission, sent w/o a relatedness. my nude postings are a portfolio. not a sex text. that said. some have sent beautiful, thoughtful artful photos. which is nice.

  2. O all my friends and foes, let us all learn by the mistakes of a poor anonymously nude artist and remember this if we remember nothing else: thou shalt do backups. Without fail.

  3. It’s AN’s way of starting a new. Out with the old and in with the new. Good bye Mr. and hello, well hello something to be determined.

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