That Lamp

that lamp, it’s naked bulb and stool are all that is left in this house now. i had a friend strip down these curtains and send them to me. cheaper than new curtains. the sheers, cut velvet and beads hanging still really work in my country studio. i do miss the blast of morning light and warmth these windows offered me. here, the sun has to rise over the foothills before it finds me. makes for a later morning somehow.  thats ok, i am a slow start gal anyhow

IMG_8744 IMG_8745

8 thoughts on “That Lamp

  1. God, how I hate CFLs. The light is ugly and the concept a fraud. So is the statement here to do with the contrast of this lovely natural light revealing beauty and pleasure to the ugliness of this dead, twisted glass?

    • wow – i don’t know many who share the same detest for those stupid curly bulbs. it is why it was the left behind bulb. i so did not want to take it with me. thank you you re: beauty and pleasure. sweet compliment.

  2. I switched to all LED Day Bright bulbs and love them. Thought I never tired shooting myself naked on a bed with them either. I’ll leave that to the pro’s like AN here.

  3. If that lamp could talk…… The stories it could tell? Oh my, AN, you are scrumptiously and delightfully curvy! I enjoy giving massages. Hmmm, what I would give to explore every curve.

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