Next Chapter

a week ago today my now ex roommate turned into a roommate-zilla. a paranoid implying maliciousness wacky off the wall THING that seemingly came out of nowhere. or showed her true colors. on moving day she stood with her arms out wide like they do when playing basketball to prevent me from doing a final walk through. while the guys were moving my things she stood in the kitchen armed with rubber gloves and an industrial bucket of germicidal wipes. drinking vodka and orange juice. i mean by the time my move was complete she was wasted. the night before she messed with my things, rearranging my boxes, packing my food and later, i found she had shoved things into my boxes, things that weren’t even mine. I can’t tell you how violated that made me feel.

while moving day was a very very long day. my help was patient, helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. i paid them of course, but as hires, they made something quite challenging seem very easy. really nice guys.

what i arrived to is another story. i don’t have the gumption in me now to completely recap the havoc of these last 6 days. my friend mr nashville says it could be a movie. cuz that’s really what i am up to here, living my life from one ridiculous circumstance to another.

some of the havoc included: flushing the toilet with a bucket, no kitchen sink to a kitchen sink that is 8 x 8 inches that leaks, to volumes of wiring to be done. and who tiles the entire bathroom – floor and walls?  grouting still needed to be done on that  – i basically moved into a renovation still in full motion. except i wasn’t exactly prepared for that.  i mean i knew what i was getting myself into – just not the full extent of it all.

so, i am tired to the core. just so so very tired. tired of construction filth, tired of the mutt and jeff known as my landlord and his handyman, tired of the landlord mentality who drives a mercedes and who says to me “don’t sweat the small stuff”  i mean is it me or is that just f-ing arrogant?

please don’t hear this ranting as a complaint.

i have my own studio apt, it has light, and i am in the country, and when i am use to it, and not running around in circles because the place does not have an ounce of flow – and when my socks no longer are covered in construction dust – and when i am not tired. i am sure i will feel better.







2 thoughts on “Next Chapter

  1. You will feel better just take it a little bite at a time.
    Always great when people with money tell you not to sweat it. Not sure if it’s arrogance or just being out of touch.
    By the way I love your hair in this shot and the way the curls are against your bare skin. When I first look at this I see your nipples. One is fully on display and the other peeking (great effect by the way, peeking is always provocative). But after looking at it more your hair becomes the focal point and that soft curl. Then I turn away and look back I realize once again you have managed to take a shot with more then one focal point which I adore. Lets the viewer look at the picture fresh every time.

    • i might be hyper sensitive re: money. i do the best with what i have. folks assume stuff when they think they know me and i get really frustrated. i can’t walk around explaining myself all the time. didn’t know i did the more than one focal point thing but i am glad that i did and that you adore it.

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