Sheer Stuff

happiness is fabric sheer and a bit of a bending over.  i never once pulled out any of the sheer stuff while here, too much of it reminds me of mr cowboy. maybe once i get myself really situated i can have a bonfire.  a ceremony of good riddance. the news on the street is he’s on his way back to TX. he never ever should have left. with lack of closure between he and I, i know you can hear my snarkiness. i promise i am working on letting it go. the process is much like grieving – takes time.  in a good world i could have been wishing him well. how hard would it have been to leave that door open. 


3 thoughts on “Sheer Stuff

  1. I totally understand the bonfire and the need to purge certain things but I think it maybe illegal to burn sexy sheer outfits. I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure. Maybe it’s ok if those things get replaced or updated.
    Grieve away AN it’s needed and yes you need to work through it. But I would close the door and look at what’s ahead not what’s behind.

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