Time Flies

february in the central time zone is pretty brutal.

looking back at some images there was a lot of

frigid looking days

and ice

and and and.

a year ago

i was about to move in w/ mr cowboy

funny how all of that is old news now.

or for that matter

how time f-ing flies.

ironically i am surrounded

by the very very same scenario


as i will be moving




note:  thought i had a handle on this new living circumstance, but i’ll be damned if at this particular moment it does not actually feel like a sure thing. i will keep you posted.

for those of you who donated to the AN Moves Again Fund – you have no idea how cool you are. or how MUCH every bit helps!

me thinks this is why red and pink are the perfect colors for february.

warm things up a bit eh?

the empty coat hanger is actually my image on my calendar

i was so excited by the potential of that move.

IMG_8150 IMG_8167 IMG_8435


2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Love when you let your Canadian roots out eh.
    If the empty coat hanger is on your calendar you need a need one, a bit more upbeat. That’s just sad and depressing though that signature AN light is there so that’s good.
    Sheer fabric, lace and hair peeking out, three things that get to me all in a good way. Thanks!

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