Purple Haze

love that song.

some day i will figure out how to get my groove on and capture it in a way that pleases me artistically.

for now, these shots in purple lace, in a haze, will have to please. i shot them with valentines day in mind. current 2016 work. imagine that.

i am valentine less this year. sigh.


deeper sigh.


not sure i have the energy to give someone right now.

did i just say that ?

i have been dabbling at online dating and i have to tell you

i am finding it rather exhausting.

perhaps i am more wounded than I thought.


at least there are purple panties.

of this set?? i love the black and white one best.

over at Flickr ( been there lately?? Same me, different image sharing – by design i use it to point here – but i love it there as much as I love it here – another dose of folks enthusiastic about me work)

anyway — over there I am discussing my not so good side.

IMG_6188 IMG_6191 IMG_6193 IMG_6195 IMG_6199 IMG_6212


8 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. One of the things that draws me to your work is the expressiveness and the way that you don’t let the technical get in the way. I can’t abide overexposure and soft focus in my work yet I love yours even with that. We have our own styles, my friend, and yours works for you. I don’t know about mine.

    • smiling. i love this comment. i could never say that i had an ounce of tech expertise re: my work, because i really don’t – yet somehow i pull off something that speaks artistically to something signature and creatively me. it feels right. thanks for encouraging and visiting me here!

  2. Purple lace panties should not be reserved for Valentines day. Oh no any old day would do just fine.
    I like how your hip is in the B&W shot and how the panties ride up on them accenting them and your butt really nicely. I would love to see it in color too though. I kind of think subduing the purple is losing part of the feel. But that aside WOW very nice and I’m not just talking about your photography skills either.
    I other then that shot I really like the second and the last. The second shows off your curves so well and has your hair flowing down your back too, beautiful and very sexy.
    I like the last because it’s a full shot of you which is a little different. But i love how the camera is focused on the leaves of the plant but your clearly the subject. Your hands up doing your dancer hand thing but it comes off as playful and fun. We still get your wonderful curves and that beautiful hair and great ass, yeah I know I’m infactuated with your butt, get used to it.
    I do need to ask what’s the deal with your left hand? Your fingers look sharp and pointy?

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