Line Of Flesh

one will have to imagine the splash of orange for this one.  i like the squiggly line of flesh on the right.  and i like the black and white of it too. have you been to my flickr community lately? its an additional following of my work. i like the ease of sharing and i adore the exampling of so many different styles of photography.


4 thoughts on “Line Of Flesh

  1. Yes I look into your community sometimes, I agree its a great way to show once work, even if I don´t have so many great photo that you have.
    One suggestion to your b&w “line of flesh” I think it could be better if you add a little bit more contrast to it – its just suggestion. And yes its a great photo you are a excellent model and photographer
    Keep on the good work

  2. Come on really, your posting yourself in a thong? How am I supposed to respond to this knowing how sexy I find your back, how beautiful I think your butt is and my love of you in thongs. This isn’t art this is greendoor crack! Well I guess I’ll go take a cold shower now.

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