Fishnet Goodbye

a year ago i began a whole new layer of purging.  

with the invitation now on the table to move in with mr cowboy

i had some funds to raise to make that happen.

i had been working with the bank, asking for help re: affording my home.

have to say that was a HUGE waste of my time.

what a joke the institution of banking is.  

according to them we don’t even have a name

( don’t get me started )

i felt in my purging an extra special  observation of the light.

knowing the cave was no longer a visiting space, but soon a cohabitating space. 

I guess some of photography was my way of saying a creative goodbye to my home.  

boy oh by do i miss that space/my home.

with the intent of finding something a tad pink or red for that pending feb love holiday.

this bit of fishnet arrived in the mail.

gotta say.

i like fishnet.

its forgiving, sexy as all get and feels nice.  

my nipples liked it too.  

really liked it soaking in all the winter light.

the other day i mentioned holiday gifting.

delighted to say i was gifted a bit to make an additional bit of  fishnet purchase.


Thank you STEVE!!

IMG_6230 IMG_6239 IMG_6235




2 thoughts on “Fishnet Goodbye

  1. Not sure if fishnet being forgiving is accurate or that is forms to your body so nicely and just looks really good on you. I’m confused though because you started out talking about purging, did you purge this top? If so why? I mean come on AN how much room does it take up?

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