I Am West!

yesterday marked my arrival west.

pinch me it’s real

i am here!

i traveled through 10 states

i was hosted by 8 friends

i took exactly 4 weeks

betty blue was a real go getter

( which translates into there were no car problems. whew!!)

today i got a library card, a bank account, a bed, and soup ingredients.

my NEXT rather large hurdle is managing my moving in.

as of right now, i have NO guy help.

what was secured has backed out.

i know noone.

and i am not physically able to do the heavy lifting.


many images to catch up on, post and offer commentary on

i thought that along the way blogging would be easier.

that i would have told more of the story along the way


it wasn’t that easy.

sure have enjoyed the well wishes and encouragement.


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