This Is Real

well – here we go, phase who knows what, of the move. i wanted you to know that this is real.

my research had me choose the cube method for relocating my belongings.

to reduce the expense you have the option of loading yourself at the terminal.  

i obviously didn’t load the moving cube myself, by grace a good friend arrived with a truck and a 12 foot trailer.  

mr cowboy was in a rage the night prior. abusive and threatening commentary. enough for me to try with all my might to eliminate him from the help me move equation.

unfortunately, the process was complicated and the timing was bad for anyone else to help.  mr cowboy did come through but along with him he brought tension.  a move is intense enough without adding negativity. we got through it.  

i knew that my moving cube was a limited space, and i got rid of and rid of and rid of these last weeks, but when all was tied to the trailer – it still appeared like a lot of stuff.  looked and felt a bit like the beverly hillbillies.  driving up to the cube it felt like no way. but i’ll be damned if everything fit, but ONE single item.  I won’t have my car filled with stuff either which was one of my goals. 

I took the final image the day after the move – seems to say it all.  

SO many of you have written to encourage my journey and to donate to the AN moves west fund.  thank you!!! it occurred to me that i may have budgeted for gas, some lodging etc, i do not have any spare funds for if my car broke down.  so, that is what i need most now. I have a pay pal account that you can chime into – just ask me and I will give you the entry email address. and thank you again !!!


IMG_0914 IMG_0931 IMG_0951 P1020046

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