Tuesday Gone By

tuesday has now passed.

that one where i requested to speak on a sunday.

the request after 6 full days of silence had gone by.

the request where mr cowboy replied “maybe on tuesday”

the answer i felt was quotable.

he came to the talk table with these comments:

i have nothing to say

i offer no apology

he then shared he has nothing but indifference about our situation

in short he said he just no longer cares.

are we done yet?


not much to work with there.

that said.

i made a very big life shift decision last week.

i am going to move 2000 miles from here.

a vacation a decade ago

inspired the idea

a friend I met there will be a connector.

i will know noone there

and so,

out of nothing


as soon as i possible can

i have to raise the funds to make that happen.

like a lot of funds.

when someone you know loses someone.

someone they cared about.

do you tell them to snap out of it?

like get a grip?

i hope not

because loss has a process.

i respect and embrace that process

i am not one to pretend that everything is “fine” for appearance sake.

because what is happening here is not fine.

please be compassionate.

yes. donationsĀ are very welcome.





4 thoughts on “Tuesday Gone By

  1. Here I was just occasionally visiting a nice lady who likes to be anonymously nude, and now there’s this tragedy. I am very sorry to hear that this happy ending was just an interlude. There’s not much positive to say, except I hope you’ll come back from this and achieve comfort again. Cowboys aren’t exactly famous for forming stable relationships, I’m afraid.

    • oh my gosh i have never actually paid attention to the lyrics of that song!! you have so made me smile right now. thank you! I have only had about 2 years of time away from the tragicness of being single again. perhaps i can hope for a new chapter soon. minus anything to do with blue eyed, bearded cowboys.

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