Butt Included

taken a year ago

this was mr cowboy and i taking on

our first entire long weekend together

in what we knew as part-time dating.

when i look at these now

the space is no longer his

but ours

filled with

he and i

and filled as an us.

certainly doesn’t look like this anymore.

before i moved in it was sparse, albeit very tidy, which i found very endearing somehow.

it lacked charm, art and room for two, and cardamom.

he has since said I have made it a home.

( uh – good answer!)

and since i basically filled it with me.

( well less me since i did all that downsizing and purging).

or me things …

it’s more cozy, has an eclectic sense of decor and a lot less guy.

in recent times he expressed

a very declarative affection for my butt.

his past ladies

did not have a butt like mine

i remember looking at this image of him grabbing me

and thinking

yeah that’s a seriously big bottom.

clearly he’s a slight man. beautifully lean. very strong hands.

and when he grabs me


i am pretty much a goner.

meaning,  l love love love the attention he gives me

butt included.

his slightness and my bigness certainly gives my butt some perspective though.

speaking of, i can’t say that full time has all been full of sunshine and flowers.

we are definitely navigating the ups and downs of a new full time relationship.

yet on the other side of whatever occurs between us

i have a knowing

that i have not had in a long while

of being tremendously cherished.

butt included.

i photographed the fishing poles

because it too was new to me

and i thought they looked couple like.

last summer each time we did fish he caught none.

i did not catch any.

while i don’t dislike fishing.

it would not be my go to thing to do.

more like…ok I’ll go.  or are their doughnuts? can we take a picnic and beer?

this year with a squall of gnats all over me and ticks found on him upon one venture….

i feel really grossed out by the idea of fishing.

at least where the gnats and ticks are


IMG_0066 IMG_0071 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0094 IMG_0097

7 thoughts on “Butt Included

  1. That’s a devious smile.
    “Nice butt”, I wonder where you’ve heard that before? No don’t tell me it will come to me. Oh yeah it was me on one maybe two previous posts but no more the ten or twelve (well in 2013 anyway). You have got to celebrate that butt and his affection for it. Think panties, men love a woman’s butt in and eventually out of panties. Oh and no Haynes her way crap either. Rule of thumb if the panties are comfortable you look like shit in them.
    You need to learn fishing is not about catching fish that’s why you bring beer or wine so at the very least you catch a buzz. One trick to make fishing more fun, panties, very sexy panties and a dress that allows you to show them off. The fishing will be secondary though there will still be at least one “pole” involved.

    • mr cowboy says – “it’s NO time for panties when a man is fishing. all the love and romance goes out the window when your hands smell like bait. there are plenty of opportunities to partake in butt and panties which i take full advantage of. mr gd. ” You know i read these comments out loud to him right ??? and thank you re: my butt and my devious smile!!

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