Throwback Thursday :: Broken Camera

these were the very last images taken with my first little canon.


because my camera fell completely in full zoom and the lens cracked.

a truly heartbreaking day.

i was JUST beginning to really see and appreciate light

and play re: my self portraiture work.

i was feeling like a creative.

wow. memory lane.

PS starting to share images from my non-nude me.  trying to share the whole of me. that is why i’ve begun to add other imagery.

IMG_5949 IMG_5958 IMG_5962 IMG_5973


9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday :: Broken Camera

    • well, since that was a throwback from 2010 — my work has evolved tremendously!! a new better camera was given to me that following july. i no longer shot in mirrors, i used the timer!! and even after all this time i still find ways to use the same model!! thanks for the beep beep!!

  1. I thought it was your new camera that was broken. I’m on board now.
    I like the Whole of me theme. I want to see the whole of you the photographer that is AN.
    I commented on your ass/foot picture on flickr but let me say nice.
    The next shot make my back hurt the way your bending to look through the view finder but I like how your body looks in it. I think the bra was a good idea too a little lace adds a nice touch.
    The last one is my favorite. At first I didn’t even realize you were in the shot, had to look closer and wonder “why did she take a shot of her camera on a tripod?”. Brilliant shot.

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