Not Particularly Compelling

sometimes i take a set of images and i don’t find them particularly compelling.

so i leave them unattended

without edit

these are an example.

once i worked a bit with them

not bad.


these were all taken at a wintery time of year

which is pending now.

that thing called snow.


it was a doosy of a monday today

happy reenter day

deep sigh.


some great attention at the blog these past days

sure do appreciate that

IMG_4848 IMG_4927 IMG_4926 IMG_4925

















2 thoughts on “Not Particularly Compelling

  1. We got snow last night. Nov 13th and snow to offing early in my opinion. I think snow should come mid February for one day then be over with. Thought you could use some weather talk.
    Even though your standing in the window with the great light it’s still different light in the winter. The sun is at a much different angle to the earth and well it’s just create a cooler shot. Not cool in the good way either. Then again it’s probably just my aversion to winter.
    And now for something completely different…you look great in these shots. You know I love your back, your butt, your legs and your hair up to show off your sexy back. All of these do not disappoint. I’m going to take a cold shower now.
    BTW love the sock lines on your ankles. It’s winter why don’t you have socks on? I feel like we just went over this.

    • growing up we had snow from nov – first snow at thanksgiving and it stayed white until march. and then. i loved it. this sloppy wet dirty tease of a snow these days just makes me weary. and i feel crabby if i have to go be in it or navigate it. at least the first early snow. i get over it. have to. i have to get through march somehow. thanks for the weather talk. YAWN!!! you made me look by the by – there are SO sock lines!! hope you had a great shower. yes winter light is less bright. no doubt about that.

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