In My Dreams

the announcement of this photography workshop hit FB today. in my very wildest fantasies someone sends me there.  a gal can dream yes??

this image portrays another fantasy,

one a tad closer to home though.

it’s my belief that in some past life

that i was a wench of some sort.

in the bowels of my psyche

i have a deep palpable familiarity


heaving breasts

tattered skirts lifted

hard work

dirt floors

filthy feet.

it’s all very

scullery like.

funny re: memory

i distinctly remember the day this was taken

gorgeous winter sunset.

super bright crisp day.

and obviously a bit of nude image play.


IMG_4837 IMG_4845 IMG_4846



6 thoughts on “In My Dreams

  1. A wench. I wonder if it’s a past life or some subdued fantasy? You do look good in a corset. Add the tattered blouse being lifted and theres some eroticism going on there.
    Very stark beauty with the trees having no leaves, the roof lines of the old Victorian.
    Hey did you use the Victorian images on purpose to go with the wench theme or was it just thrown in?

    • i think both past life and fantasy. its something that has been in my head since a young girl. and i’d say highly charged if you get me going and thinking about it – i did not choose that image for it’s victorian element on purpose, but good subliminal thoughts eh???

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