i asked him to clear off the kitchen table

i wanted to utilize the only natural light he had.

i had an idea in my head of what i wanted to capture

and these were not it.

as circumstances go,

this image taking led to other things

which i have to say were rather delicious,

until someone knocked on the door.


not good.

i love the reflection on the table

the determined mr cowboy

grabbing of.

me thinks that color works for this.

the third image with my arms bent up reminds me of something cellular – like a tadpole or an ameba of sorts, not sure why i think that or if that is even what i am trying to say but …

hopefully you get what i mean.

it looks odd

or funny.

IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4534

4 thoughts on “Ameba

  1. If I were Mr Cowboy I’d be clearing off the table all the time! Dinner is over it’s time for dessert.
    I like the reflection too, crack on crack, nice.
    The arms up shot does look a bit goofy, like a chicken trying to fly with short wings or something.
    As for the first shot ( the one in color), well lets just say I have a certain preference for a particular act that maybe portrayed here…oh Mr Cowboy you are my hero.

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