Miss This

multiple dates in a row was not part of what i knew

weekends were the hardest before we met.

yup. i get to now do that weekend alone thing.



when i left for my residency,

he awaited my return.

another i didn’t know.

when i first began to photograph myself

i was the unknown

my parts

my curves

my hair

and when looking evolved

i asked myself

well gosh what does that look like?

a reveal of a breast

a gift someone sent me adorned.

self touch.

i was seeking to understand my appeal.

i see it.

if i am so f-ing appealing

what has me here.


by myself.


capturing mr cowboys and my kisses

was about seeing what tenderness and attraction looked like.

does this look as gorgeous as it feels.

this was maybe our 4th date, right after I returned.

we were still awkward.


the weather was shifting

as it is now,

a year-ish later.

this was early morning



and warm.


i miss this.


IMG_4190 IMG_4195-2 IMG_4205 IMG_4222




2 thoughts on “Miss This

  1. “Shit I miss this”. You know I love your work as well as your writing. I admire your skill at both and yet this may be the most profound thing you’ve written yet. So simple yet as with the rest of what you do it opens up a story

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