Biceps Continued

… as the bicep set continues.

i realize that this anonymously new gal is a bit all over the place lately,  at least that is what it feels like over here.

the real story is what bicep?

partly because amusingly it was a challenge to use the timer and get the right parts into the image frame. and other part because i have like no distinction to my arm per say.

remind me please to clip all tags from said bras.

i did tell you this bra is ill fitting, yes?

desperately needing new.

there is a website i just found for inexpensive lingerie…just saying.

( made ya click didn’t i??)


IMG_1339 IMG_1342-2 IMG_1344

1 thought on “Biceps Continued

  1. I hate when i leave the tags on my bras….
    This is a fun shoot. In an email I have to tell you a story about why I like it on a different level.

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