Not So Fancy

in the scheme of things

these panties are not so fancy.

as a matter of fact of the three pair like these,

a gift by the by.

these are my least fav.

just don’t like the pattern.

they all are made however of this very exquisite fabric

like super super soft.

yet sooooo soft ,that they are uber slippery.

with my girthy behind?

that’s actually a nightmare in the panty department.

simply because they just don’t stay put.


they are for me something I don

during moments of self play.

where staying put isn’t a concern so to speak.

i dare say the first image

is almost centered.

almost something that needs to be fixed

in my creative mind.

me thinks that the foot going off in the corner saves the day.

i love the gritty summer feet.

my weekend past was delicious

all around me

caring and attentive

felt loved

got some gardening in

ate well.

yes. delicious.

i unplugged.

from the web anyway!!

i hope yours was the very same.

i did get news of a small job that i did NOT get



untitled-23 untitled-24

4 thoughts on “Not So Fancy

  1. Your right the first is a little two centered but your foot does save it. Still???
    I like the second more, your beautiful butt in all it’s sweet roundness (much better then girthy) wrapped in some soft exquisite don’t stay put material. Ok so soft exquisite material may not be good for daily use but think of the possibilities in private.

    • possibilities re: these panties have been privately found i assure you GD! i don’t mind girthy actually – it’s a word of character. i parallel it to thunder thighs, i mean thighs like that wrapped around someone might have tremendous meaning in a very positive way. just saying. sweet roundness sounds a tad too polite, at least to me, in the nitty gritty of it all.

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