the color somehow shifts the tone of these a bit.

interesting how that works.


i have had several days of drip drippy nose, lo-grade fever and chills

loads and loads of sleep.

i made do with what bit of food i had left in the fridge

just to avoid the large shop task ahead of grocery shopping

perhaps you recall

grocery shopping isn’t my favorite thing.

and this particular time round the fridge is bare.

but all is good.

in the hood.

re: grocery shopping

not to worry

i am fine once i get there.


me also thinks i am over the hump of this cold thing.

love the dark shadows in the second image.

don’t you??

untitled-23-5 untitled-24 untitled-25

5 thoughts on “

  1. You give good shadow.
    Did you play with the shots in photoshop (you use something else but I forget the name) or are they both raw images. There’s qualities to both I like. The third has a softer tone to it and the blue is a little more pronounced which I like. Whomever the lovely model is has a beautiful curvy body and sexy hips. You should use her more often…

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