below is an image that i didn’t particularly like.

i started playing with it in iphoto.

all of a sudden it sortof grew on me.

looks as if there is a ghost or something.

doesn’t it?


oddly arty and creepy.


i think technically it’s probably a nightmare

certainly way overexposed.


who cares?

instead of deleting it.

here it is.

mr cowboy asked for time to think

after i put some pressure on him

about a topic important to me

from when we met.

call it a reality check.

if you recall silence and I aren’t great pals.

solo weekend.


had me go from a feeling of content.

giddy as someone described.


anxious and empty.

stomach inside out


the positives?

i did some pretty major purging in my office

had a gal friend over for dinner.






2 thoughts on “Ghostly

  1. I’m with you on the silence thing.
    Ghostly to me is dark and spooky this is light and airy. Guess it all depends on ones idea of a ghost.

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