This Hot Pink Get Up

well since it’s almost valentines day

i thought i’d don something pink.

you know

just for the pink of it.

i only have a single hot pink bra and panty set.

you’ve seen it here before.

as i reviewed past valentines days

and observed past images taken for the love of it


this hot pink get up has done that been there before


this bra and panty has always been an ill fitting circumstance.

yet now that i am a bit of a larger gal

it’s seems to me like i am pushing it.

gotta love the hanging out bra tag.


not to mention

the panty has a big hole in it


not a hole in the right place if you get my drift.

me thinks it’s time to let these pink items find the thrift bin.

(my thrift store recycles fabric, things like stained clothing, undies and socks with holes in them. sortof a cool thing. they get money for textile items by the pound for their cause. sure beats throwing them into the landfill.)

god – how did i get on that rant.

so enjoy your last view.

feel free to treat me to a new set anytime


untitled-23-19 untitled-24-4 untitled-25-4 untitled-26-4 untitled-27-4

7 thoughts on “This Hot Pink Get Up

  1. I think i need to stop visiting and commenting, even you are saying “cool” now. BTW love the rants, makes me feel at home.
    So that’s a hole in the back of your panties? I thought it was the design, Victoria Secrets uses that in a lot of their thongs.
    Before you recycle them may I suggest you wear them one more time and have Mr Cowboy use his imagination on just how to remove them. Maybe just maybe i’m speaking from experience and maybe it could be fun.

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