Thigh Light

love the light on my thigh.


if i recall this was a wicked hot summer day


tis currently the end of a super bitter cold day.

i was out in it.


with back to back appointments.

got a lot done.

suppose that’s a good thing – right?

tonight i attended a gallery walk and right now I just can’t seem to warm up.

if i had a bathtub

guess where i would be right this very moment?

i hope your weekend is cozy.


4 thoughts on “Thigh Light

  1. You have a way with words and light. Well done now find someone with a tub and have a nice hot soak. It will help your cold too.

  2. “Looking for friends. Must have a big tub I can use to soak in, bright open space with lots of light for my nude photography. Being a good cook is a bonus.”

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