That Space

this was the space i cleared where the green chair used to reside.

the intent was to clear that area and have it be a studio space.

i miss this window’s east, south, west side-ness terribly, literally the best light in the house.

for another small moment i had my stationary cycle there, but the aesthetic of that upset me.

with the winter so bitter/bleak this year i recently moved the bike from my front porch back to that loveliness, simply so i’d actually ride the darn thing.

had a pipe freeze yesterday, the drain pipe for my washing machine. and while i finally got it to drain this evening, it now looks like something is amiss in the basement. it’s flooding when the washer drains.  ugh. i got a speeding ticket when returning. my link card arrived while i was away. i spent it today. the roses mr cowboy bought me for my homecoming are opening and they are so beautiful,  i don’t give a shit about the super bowl, and while it’s day three of re-entry me thinks it’s going to take a bit to make it all feel like i’ve got it  all together.



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