Really A Bed And Bar

they said the room was haunted.  as a matter of fact the bed and breakfast named the room after said ghost.  before i arrived a tour of clairvoyants had been woo woo ing in my sleeping space. how lovely. who knows what spiritual energy they left behind.  all were sitting in the bar downstairs when i arrived.  i wasn’t in the mood to hear the story of the person my room was named after. i arrived late, later than expected, it was last call in the bar. I asked what was the latest that I could come down for breakfast – this is when they told me that they really weren’t a bed and breakfast – but a bed and bar.  uh seriously?? i said out loud?  perhaps i even said that a tad too loud. Uh –  NOT what the website said folks. i was pissed. i had printed off a $5 off coupon for the room – the bartender offered it the form of a cocktail – i said make it a double and we’re good to go. ugh.  the bedspread was backed in that discusting poly fiber who knows what, and the linen was cheap and pilled. the curtains were backed with whatever to keep the light out – whatever that was it was so thick that one could barely move them. found the place super gross. even felt rather claustraphobic. have i ever told you how princess and a pea i am about linen?

This will most likely be my last post for a few weeks – i am off to another artist residency.  quite excited about that actually

be sure to stop by while I am gone and say hello.

i miss you when you aren’t here.

untitled-1 untitled-2 untitled-3 untitled-4

2 thoughts on “Really A Bed And Bar

  1. I know B&B was bad, but please… Don’t jump!!!

    (Seriously, though, these photos are proof that it’s first the photographer, second the subject, and only lastly the background that make a photo (unless you’re Ansell Adams, of course!).

    • well since i am both the subject and the photographer – perhaps that’s more proof!! recently in attempting to shoot food, i felt the backround was everything. as far as jumping, that window was the oddest thing. sealed shut with an absolutely huge window sill. since it was haunted perhaps they closed it all up to keep the spirits stirring. 🙂

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