Mu Mu

i nicknamed this dress a mu mu or perhaps i called it a moo moo, an ism of the way i say things sometimes.   all said,  it’s this cheesy patterned maxi dress.  it had a deliciously soft  lined skirt and a stretchy strapless bodice that in the summer i wore often around the house.  loved the freedom of that dress, no bra, no panties, dressed but not dressed.  this summer the stretchy part of the bodice reached a point of no return and at the end of the summer i had to let it go – it basically became non-functional.   boo.  i tried since to replace it – a few times with nothing around quite like it. more boo.

my standing in this doorway has been replicated in other image sets if you recall as myself waiting for one date or another.

what is sortof nice about current times is I am not waiting for someone anymore.

i stopped posting here on the weekends some time ago because so many of my fans here went to their obligated lives, yes – they went back to their wives, girlfriends, family life – weekend things to do, busy busy busy.  missing the attention i usually got during the week  from you made me feel even more lonely on the weekends.

well, weekends are now full with mr cowboy and our things  we do, it’s certainly become an interesting shift in the story.

it makes me happy.

my seeing him has made some of you mention a moment of jealousy on your part.

just read some of the comments here.

makes me smile ladies and gentleman.

makes me smile.


are you wigging with the holiday just around the corner??



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