Abstract Like

wow – so many visitors here today.   thank you very much!!

in my minds eye i imagine images just out of the shower

yet in a i am a novice photographer and all

i don’t seem to have the right shower, bathroom or natural light to capture something that meets my sensiblities.

i keep trying though


i thought a sheer wet cami would add some contrast

gotta love the blur of it all

abstract like.

untitled-3-7 untitled-1-24

5 thoughts on “Abstract Like

  1. Not to quibble, but you are not a photographer, you are a digital imager. There is a world of difference and it does not demean your efforts.
    Ultimately, it is the image that counts, not the process.
    What you bring is a woman’s innate sense of composition and therein lies the creativity.

    • i’d beg to quibble and disagree. i am a photographer. film or digital isn’t what make imagery – the “person” behind the apparatus is indeed the photographer. thank you re: innate sense

  2. I really like the sheer top and the unshaven armpit they cause a great contrast.
    The blur is kind of wild as your partially transparent but i notice the phallic symbol is nice and in focus. Guess we know where your mind was.

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